If you have them, bring your ballots and vote with a buddy! We'll be encouraging everyone at the ballot party to send that reminder text, take away information to share with your community members, and post-election info on your social media channels.

Let's turn out the vote in our communities!

FEATURING! Guest speakers from the region to talk about ballot initiatives, the valley voter turnout, and candidates running for office. We will have refreshments, raffle prizes (INSTANT POT & LEGOS), and family friendly activities. Raffle tickets are available online, see below.

If you're registered to vote, you should have received your ballots in the mail by now, so bring them to the ballot drop box and/or come to the party and we can vote together. If you have not voted before, we will have community educators on hand to help.If you can't vote, this is your chance to encourage others in your world to do it!

This is a significant election for WA voters!

- Initiative 1631 is a statewide climate justice policy that brings resources back to communities of color;

- Initiative 1634 relates to Food Access programs;

- Initiative 940 relates to law enforcement training and the use of deadly force- and many more!

Come out to understand what's on your ballot this fall. Voting is more fun with neighbors. ACT Yakima is hosting this event with support from our community.

Raffle tickets can be purchased online Raffle tickets are available online or in person: https://tinyurl.com/GOTVRaffle